How To Secure Your Wifi to Avoid Slow Internet Speed?


Are you struggling with a slow internet issue?

If you live in this new normal where the entire world is functioning remotely, then the internet must have been your primary need. The pandemic and the new everyday culture make it difficult for people to survive without an internet facility, and what else could be worse than slow internet? 

Imagine attending an important zoom call, and your internet suddenly starts giving you a tough time. Slow internet is enough to drive anyone crazy, especially when you are up to something meaningful. Doesn’t matter whichever internet package you have, even if you have subscribed to Centurylink Internet plans still slow internet problem can occur. 

It’s ok, yes, we know this will sound a little rude, but we are here with a quick solution to cope with a slow internet problem. Don’t worry; you surely don’t need a tech wizard here. 

Let us share the best yet practical tips on how you can secure your wifi and avoid slow internet problems. 

How to Test Your Current Internet Speed

Testing your web speed is a beginning stage to see what you’re working with.

To do as such, simply head to an internet-based speed test device like Click ‘GO,’ and the device will compute your download and transfer speeds.

You can likewise contrast your speed test results with the velocities your ISP offer to check whether it’s radically failing to meet expectations.

Nonetheless, make sure to be practical. Most ISPs promote speeds like “Up to 500Mbps!” in their web plans, yet this is just a hypothetical potential.

In actuality, your internet speed will not approach. The best thing to do is call your ISP and ask them for a practical speed gauge for your area.

Advice#1- Reset Your Router & Modem 

It is pretty simple and obvious for many of you, but not all reset modes turn your device on and off. Sometimes, resetting is not enough, and you may have to reboot your device to get the expected results. For this, you need to count on the following steps: 

Are rebooting your switch assists with clearing stored recollections and foundation processes that aren’t required. It’s an extraordinary method for empowering your association with your ISP. It very well may be compelling that numerous ISPs recommend you reset it consistently.

 Advice#2- Rearrange Your Device’ Antennas 

Your device has any external yet adjustable antennas, try to tweak them or rearrange the directions. 

Switch receiving wires are typically omnidirectional; signals are conveyed opposite to the antenna, which implies an upward radio wire will give flat transmissions and the other way around.

Assuming you’re attempting to associate with a switch on one more floor of your home, have a go at flipping the antennas evenly. Yet, thinking you don’t see receiving wires on your control – don’t freeze. Numerous switches are worked with receiving wires inside the gadget shell.

Advice#3- Make Sure to Clear Cache & Browsing History 

A cache is a part where browsers gather bits of all types of information about your device, and whenever you pay a visit or interact with the sites, the bits of cache likely to get increase.

 So here, you need to make it clear proper onset to avoid the inconvenience as this can create issues for you later. Moreover, it will also assure that the gathered information is not likely to drag the speed of the internet or make it slow. 

Advice#5- Track Your Data Cap

 ISPs regularly set an information limit for how much information you can utilize every month. Assuming you surpass your data cap, then, at that point, your ISP will likely limit your web speed impressively.

The least demanding method for checking IF you have an information cap is to snatch a previous bill and look at the fine print. 

Assuming you end up going over the cap consistently, it’s most likely an ideal opportunity to redesign your arrangement.

Notwithstanding, information choking has likewise become more normal since COVID-19 has constrained more individuals to telecommute. To adapt to this change sought after, numerous ISPs must react by choking clients. 

Advice#5- Perform a Quick Scan Via Antivirus Software

Malware can negatively affect your web speeds. To check to assume that it’s the offender, run an infection and malware filter on your framework utilizing a respectable antivirus security suite.

Assuming that any dangers are recognized, you can eliminate them and check whether this rates things up.

Advice#6- Try Using an Ad Blocker 

Most sites will flood your screen with eye-getting advertisements – regularly with enormous pictures or auto-played recordings. They can eat up bunches of your information and slow your web.

Consider utilizing a good promotion blocker to remove these from your perusing experience. Adblock Plus is famous, and some VPNs like NordVPN and Surfshark also incorporate them. 

Advice#7- Replace Your Wireless Router 

Here, we did not mean to suggest you change your device. Try changing the placement of your router and look for the place that will be more suitable. 

Some of you might not know that the router can block the signals, which can decrease the speed of your internet. 

Advice#8- Upgrade the Firmware for Your Router 

 Ensure your switch is refreshed all of the time with the most recent firmware. These aides keep it secure and running at max execution.

Numerous more current switches will refresh firmware naturally. Verify whether that is the situation – if not, you ought to occasionally sign into your switch’s connection point and check to assume there are refreshes accessible.

 Advice#9- Disconnect Unused Devices from the Internet 

 Take a stab at separating any trivial gadgets from your organization. Things like old telephones or failed-to-remember tablets have been snacking away at transmission capacity.

Nowadays, a few switches accompany an application that can show every one of the gadgets associated with your home organization. From that point, it’s not difficult to separate any undesirable gadgets.

Assuming your switch doesn’t have an application, your most innovative option is simply changing your organization’s wifi secret phrase. 

You’ll then, at that point, need to log once more into the organization with every gadget utilizing the new secret phrase.

It very well may be a piece monotonous if you have a ton of gadgets. However, it’s an exhaustive method for clearing pointless associations.

 Advice#10- Look for Unwanted Guests 

 Adding onto the last point – you should also check to see if anyone else is freeloading off your wifi.

On the off chance that you haven’t gotten your home organization (and particularly assuming you haven’t changed the default username and secret word), then, at that point, it’s effortless for a neighbor to interface with it and guzzles up some delectable, free transmission capacity.

To start with, ensure you secure your wifi association. Second, start any wifi freeloaders by:

Many individuals don’t know that they can change the settings of their switch. Since a button is utilizing its default settings doesn’t mean these are its ideal settings.

Visit your switch and ISP’s site to look at the suggested settings. Then, at that point, sign in to your control so you can analyze and refresh its settings. 

Advice#11- Change Your Device’s Band 

Wifi upholds two distinct recurrence groups – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. A few switches are double band switches, which allow you to pick between them.

What’s more, it switches broadcast wifi signals on a particular channel.

A few channels will more often than not be more clogged than others, particularly assuming that you’re residing in a metropolitan region where adjoining wifi signs can cause obstruction. Preferably, you’d be in every way on a similar channel or on channels that don’t cooperate.

Parting Words 

Slow internet can put you in many uncertain or awkward situations. Before it does, make sure you know all the tricks and tips to update its speed. 

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