How to choose a weighted blanket?

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Anxiety, pains, and disorders are no friends of anyone. The effects of these things negatively affect the whole human body. Therefore, many want to find a way to avoid these things or probably break free from them. Finding a way to relieve stress or anxiety? Consider employing blankets. It is true that just choosing any blankets won’t do. However, it is no doubt that there are many blankets out there designed to give you a quality rest. Out of these many blankets are weighted blankets. 

As the name implies, weighted blankets are heavy but importantly, they allow you to enjoy each sleep you embark on. One of the qualities of weighted blankets is that you can use them in any resting place. Are you already imagining yourself tucked in weighted blankets? Then you must be wondering about how to choose a weighted blanket then. One important thing to consider is weight. This means that a weighted blanket selected for an adult will differ from that of a kid. So, what do you need to know on how to choose a weighted blanket for a kid and adult? 

  • The simple trick to solve the question, “how to choose a weighted blanket?” is simply going for a weighted blanket that is about 10% of the body weight. So if you weigh about 200 pounds, you want to get a weighted blanket that weighs 20 pounds. Easy right?
  • After determining the perfect weight, then your worries of how to choose a weighted blanket broadens to the features of a weighted blanket, because the features are also essential.

Bamboo fibers for a weighted blanket, a perfect mix!

If your preference for blankets is weighted blankets, then you’ve probably learned about choosing the right size since they are the heavy type. These heavy blankets are designed by using either microfibers or cotton. However, with the recent popularity of bamboo fibers, manufacturers now employ them to make blankets. Bamboo weighted blankets come with a lot of benefits. So you might as well start planning on getting one for you.

The many positive effects of a  bamboo weighted blanket range from improving sleep time, helping you deal with anxiety, and even serving as help for children who have autism. What could be more frustrating than finding it hard to sleep at night? Could it be a lack of comfiness or the hot weather? Get rid of any form of frustration that could ruin your sleep by using a bamboo weighted blanket. It keeps you cool and also gives you that soft, cozy feeling that helps you fall asleep satisfyingly.

Here’s why you should get a bamboo weighted blanket:

  • Bamboo weighted blankets are durable and fit well for different seasons. Save yourself the hassle of buying or finding a blanket for each season.
  • A bamboo weighted blanket is the type you’ve always wanted. It hardly wrinkles and is very comfy.

Would you refuse to buy what will bring you comfort? Then, why hesitate to buy a bamboo weighted blanket?


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