10 Important Tips to Make Your Hostel Life Easier

Living in a hostel is not easy, especially for ones staying away from their homes for the first time. However, if you are prepared for it, hostel life can be the most fun time of your life. 

You should know how to deal with people because you will have to live with strangers. This article will let you know crucial suggestions for making the hostel life easier. Let’s dive into details:

Saving money can mean a lot of things. It could mean that you eat out less. It could also mean that you try to curtail your entertainment budget by switching over from streaming platforms to the pirate bay. You still get access to the entertainment, but you0 are not going to do that in a way that does not cost you a single penny. 

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Share and Care 

You will have to learn to share your stuff with roommates to build a good bond. You too may need to borrow something from roommates and building a norm of sharing will make your life easier. 

You can keep important valuables in a locker but there is nothing wrong with sharing things that are used on a daily basis like shampoo, stationery, mobile phone accessories, and painkillers. Try to avoid behaving coldly with roommates; if they don’t like living with you, you might have to live alone and pay rent for the full room. 

Do Not Compromise on Your Sleep Pattern 

Living in a hostel does not mean you should compromise on your sleep pattern. You can ask the management to provide a zero gravity bed with a comfy mattress or buy it yourself. A peaceful sleep routine will help you wake up fresh. Even though it’s not your home, you will still have to live there for two to four years. 

It is up to you how you improve the environment of the room. One cannot sleep well if the room is cluttered so make sure that everything is kept in an organized way. Being a student, you will have a lot of things to manage simultaneously. You won’t be just studying, you might also have to socialize, participate in extracurricular activities, and start a job. Without a proper routine, it would be impossible to manage all these things and get proper sleep. 

Learn to Avoid Toxic People 

You should know the tactics of avoiding toxic people instead of getting indulged in a fight. It is a fact that every place usually has some toxic people that may provoke you to fight. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid such people instead of replying to their fight provoking stuff. When you learn to avoid such people, living in a hostel will prove easy. 

The more you will stay calm, the more you will be on a safe side. There are subtle techniques to avoid such people like putting on earphones. You can be on a safer side by simply staying away from such people.

Be Kind to Hostel Staff 

You must behave well to hostel staff even if it is about security guards or cleaning workers. You should stay humble and build a friendly relationship with the staff of the hostel as you never know when you need to ask for their favor.

Staff persons also show courtesy to people who behave well. If you find a biased behavior of any hostel staff, you can complain to management regarding the issue but try to keep your name confidential to avoid personal dispute. 

Book a Corner to Focus on Study 

You can book a corner in the room for concentrating on study or office work. If you do not get a study table in the room, you can bring your own. However, keeping a beanbag in a corner is also a great idea especially if you want to focus while feeling cozy. Most of the hostels make sure to provide a study corner in each room because it helps students to study with full concentration. 

Save Money 

You should learn the tactics of saving money as you may need an amount on an urgent basis. Try to avoid spending the whole amount at the beginning of the month because you may need to take small loans for bearing expenses for the rest of the month. The best way is to get a savings account open in a bank and deposit a limited amount every month. 

You should manage expenses with the remaining amount and use the saved amount during an emergency only. Try to not tell your mates regarding the saved amount. It will help you ensure an easy life without the burden of managing financial constraints. 

Learn Basic Chores 

When you choose to live in a hostel, it is important to learn some basic chores like making tea, washing clothes, cooking a meal, and other similar tasks that are required in your daily routine. You can make a schedule of tasks and if you are sharing the room with another person, you both can do routine tasks with a collaborative effort. 

Cleanliness is Important 

You will not get a room cleaning service in the hostel so it will be good if you learn basic cleaning tactics. The best way of keeping a room clean is to keep everything in the designated place and put the routine garbage in dustbins. If you mop the floor daily, there won’t be dust and you won’t need to do a detailed cleaning. Try to not compromise on cleanliness because health is directly associated with the environment and now when Covid-19 is there, extra care is needed. 

Buy Basic Appliances 

You should buy a basic appliance to make the hostel life easier. You may need an electric kettle, juicer, hairdryer, and other similar appliances that are often needed in your daily routine. You can ask the roommate to share the cost if he too needs to use those appliances. In short, you won’t need to borrow appliances when you have your own. You would be able to make tea, coffee, juice, shake, and other stuff any time of the day. 

Be Friendly with Locals 

You should be friendly with locals who live in the same hostel because they can guide you well about that city or town. Make a list of the nearest hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, parks, and gyms. Locals can help you in many things and with their support, living in a strange city will not prove tough. In short, all who are living in hostels should learn these basic tactics to ensure an easy life. 

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