How to play Scratchcards at a casino online


There are various techniques for playing different games, and this is one of the things players go after. After all, what are you doing at slot machines if you don’t know how to play the games there.

Therefore it is very important to have the knowledge and technique needed to play  Ancient Magic and your favourite games. That’s why were here for you, just for you to gain the knowledge needed in playing scratch cards at online casinos.

What is a scratch card?

Before delving into how to play a game, it is important to know what the game is like.  Want to know what a scratch card is like? Then keep reading.

·         Scratch cards are usually called many names, including scratchum, scratch and win scratch – it, instant game, scratch ticket, instant lottery, scratch game.

·         These names all portray one thing, which is a card (often very small) that is designed for competitions in a paper-based manner.

·         The card has concealed pins that have needed to be scratched for it to reveal symbols, or numbers, anything to indicate a win.

·          Some scratch cards matching symbols.  Some more complex cards have pictures or words. Some of these cards share a resemblance with other card games like monopoly, blackjack or poker.

·          You must scratch it to see what’s inside.

·         The same way there are land-based and online slots is the same for scratch card games. There are lottery scratch cards, and there is an online scratch card.

Types of Scratch Cards

Web-BasedDownload Based
The most common type of scratch cardsNot very common, new.
Used through a browser or a website.It comes in a downloadable app (software)
Other than games, sites that provide this are also useful for other things.Mostly just scratch cards
It can’t be used without a browser supportIt is used without a browser or website support

How to play scratch cards on online casinos

  1. Click on marked areas
  2. Marked areas show and give information that determines the value of your card and the prize.
  3. The house always wins because the house only knows what’s under the Pin.
  4. The determining factor of wins is the game provider.
  5. There’s no big deal about Online scratch cards; just buy and scratch. Whatever you see is what you’ll get.

Quick tips on how to smash playing an online scratch card.

·         Don’t fall for shoddy cards

·         Review your cards

·         Don’t forget your small prints

·         Higher number, more chances of winning

·         Like slots, like scratch cards

·         Stick to a game

·         Put all losing tickets down

In a nutshell

Online scratch cards are the online version of lottery cards, a game that is played like poker, blackjacks and names it other kinds of card games. This game is played almost the same way as the land-based the difference is that it is now online. Played digitally through a website or software (as in the app type).  It is 100% a game of chance and luck, but the curiosity of wanting to know what lies behind those covered cards is what makes it more fun to play.

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