Loyalty Rewards for Slots



Slots have features that guarantee excitement for players, and one of these exciting features is the loyalty reward program. Besides creating a gaming experience for players, slot games also create an exciting and working feature that ensures loyal customers to play Rainbow Riches Slots and other games. The loyalty reward program is a system specifically designed for their loyal customers. More details below; 

Loyalty Rewards 

Online casinos want you to keep playing slot games, and one of the best ways to retain players is to reward them for their loyalty. Like any promotion, a loyalty reward system varies from one slot game to another. Slots loyalty reward is given to players who show the most loyalty and play regularly as well. 

Types of Loyalty Rewards

Some loyalty rewards are listed below:

  • Calendar Rewards

The calendar reward makes the players feel like they are part of a community and that their play experience is distinct from that of players at other slots.

  • Cash Back Bonus

Here, players are allowed to earn points for every wager they place. Such that after reaching definite marks, players would be able to exchange cashback points for money. These marks vary between slots. There is no actual set standard. While some slot games like casinos allow players to exchange their cash back at 500 points, some need the players to accumulate until 1000 points before claiming the cashback bonus.

  • Tiered Bonuses 

This type of loyalty reward program takes the form of a tier system, such that it is sectionalized into different groups, such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Here, if a player desires to get to the loyalty program’s highest tier, he is expected to play as much as possible. 

How Loyalty Program Work

This is how it works. First, players are rewarded based on their extended play and long-term loyalty to the slot game like the casino. For example, a casino loyalty program uses a tier leveling system where reaching marks unlock gifts, bonuses, and exclusive services. In addition, some loyalty rewards become accessible to players, i.e., current players, to reward them for their consistent play of games. 

These rewards are made available at the behest of the slot game operator. How does it come? It usually comes in the form of a cashback offer or a free spin on a particular day. And to receive these loyalty rewards, players don’t usually necessarily have to sign up for anything. However, they will need money deposited to get access to the reward. 

How to Claim a Loyalty Reward?

Some loyalty rewards can be claimed just by being a member of a casino, and these loyalty rewards, such as monthly cashback bonuses, are available instantly. So meeting the basic requirements for rewards; usually, a minimum deposit or a sign up to the slot game loyalty program, is how to claim a loyalty reward. 


Players deserve special treatment when they put their hard-earned money into their favourite slot games. Although, loyalty rewards are perfect for players who like to explore slot games online. Nevertheless, loyalty rewards, however important, should not in any way take over the overall slots gaming experience.

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